interacts, interacting, interacted
1) V-RECIP When people interact with each other or interact, they communicate as they work or spend time together.

[pl-n V] While the other children interacted and played together, Ted ignored them.

[V with n] ...rhymes and songs to help parents interact with their babies.

Derived words:
interaction [[t]ɪ̱ntəræ̱kʃ(ə)n[/t]] plural N-VAR oft N prep

This can sometimes lead to somewhat superficial interactions with other people.

...our experience of informal social interaction among adults.

2) VERB When people interact with computers, or when computers interact with other machines, information or instructions are exchanged.

[V with n] Millions of people want new, simplified ways of interacting with a computer...

[pl-n V] There will be a true global village in which telephones, computers and televisions interact.

Derived words:
interaction plural N-VAR usu with supp

...experts on human-computer interaction.

3) V-RECIP When one thing interacts with another or two things interact, the two things affect each other's behaviour or condition.

[pl-n V] You have to understand how cells interact...

[V with n] Atoms within the fluid interact with the minerals that form the grains.

Derived words:
interaction N-VAR oft N prep

...the interaction between physical and emotional illness.

English dictionary. 2008.

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